Birthday Parties

We love to throw themed birthday parties. These photos are from Josie’s Harry Potter party which included a Quidditch match and platform 9 ¾ where guests “disappeared.”

These plywood bases with a PVC and metal flange are the support for the door frame.



After making the PVC frame I placed a vinyl sheet of “bricks” over the fabric curtain. Next, I put a bag of sand over the base to keep it in place. I used reflective paper on the side of the support to give the allusion of disappearing guests as they ran through the “wall”.

Our outdoor potion making station was a fun addition for slime lovers!


The local park was a perfect place to play Quidditch. We made the Quidditch goals by using ½ inch PVC tubes and hula hoops. To make sure everything stayed in place we screwed in all of the connections. A broom ball set substituted for the magical “brooms”. If you don’t have access to a broom ball set, dowels with some straw at the end would be preferable to real brooms. My reasoning for avoiding real brooms is their length which makes them seem dangerous for young kids running around. Harry Potter Quidditch music set a magical tone while the guests played Quidditch using the simple rules I found online.


In our basement we used fishing wire to hang the battery operated lights from the ceiling to create the dining hall.


The hanging lights idea was borrowed from another maker and helped to set the scene.  It was a great Harry Potter Party enjoyed by all!



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