Talking Painting of RBG

For this project I copied audio from some of RBG’s public speeches and then modified the audio files in Audacity to fit onto the CPX.  The CircuitPython program triggers the audio files to play when the pad is touched.   RBG YouTube Video   Here is the CircuitPython Code: import board import audioio import time import random from import cpx cpx.adjust_touch_threshold(500) wave_file = open(“rbg.wav”, … Continue reading Talking Painting of RBG

Adding Music to your CPX

It’s easy to add music to your CPX using Freesound and Audacity which is a free download.  I will show you how to edit the music file and write a simple circuit python program to play music when button A is pressed. The circuit python program is written in the Mu editor   Here are the cheat sheets that I use:   Continue reading Adding Music to your CPX

Jo highVoltage Gingerbread Pond with CPX, Crickit & CircuitPython

Jo highVoltage made a Gingerbread Pond where a gingerbread skater spins in the middle when a button on the CPX is pressed.  A DC motor is under the pond and is attached to a skateboard bearing which is attached to a piece of PVC board that is cut in a circle.  Using CircuitPython the CPX/Crickit is programmed to make the motor turn causing the skater … Continue reading Jo highVoltage Gingerbread Pond with CPX, Crickit & CircuitPython

Jo highVoltage’s Automated Book Report

In this project Jo highVolatage shows how she uses her CPX, Crickit and a continuous servo to automate her book report.  The CPX is coded using CircuitPython.   This youTube video shows how the project was made: Here is the code for the project: Josie’s CPX Crickit continuous servo BOOK REPORT import time import board import digitalio from adafruit_crickit import crickit print(“1 Continuous Servo demo!”) … Continue reading Jo highVoltage’s Automated Book Report