Personalized Game Board

This game board can be cut on the CNC or made from a piece of cardboard.  The game cards are designed by the participants with individual game pieces.

This project was featured in December 2018 in the Makezine Newsletter.

Makezine December 2018

This game board was made of PVC board and cut on the CNC.  The block were painted using paint markers. The game pieces are set in quick drying clay using household objects that are significant to the players.

personalized game piecespvc game boardThe game card were printed on labels and then affixed to small index cards.  Each person in the group developed questions within certain categories such as science, math, literature, culture, history and entertainment.  sample game cardscardboard game boardThis is the cardboard version of the game board with marbles as the game pieces.  The marbles are set in a little base of clay to keep them from rolling.


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